Qué Bárbara by Pep Noguera - 02/08

Qué Bárbara by Pep Noguera - 02/08

100% made in Mallorca

Producer, actor, director and founder, more than 3 decades ago, of the irreverent and provocative Diabéticas Aceleradas, Pep returns today to preside over the QBs to wiggle the dock without compassion.

Reviewing his artistic career would take us a few days, but placing us into the present,  his role highlights in events throughout the island, and as a collaborator of the “Hoy por Hoy Mallorca”  program of the SER Spanish radio station, in his leisure and culture section on Fridays , where we always enjoy with its fun, so close and 100% made in Mallorca style.


In the booth his sound pays tribute to the great classic pop & disco hits and other sound delicatessen from today & yesterday, with the ultimate goal of offering and having lots of fun.




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